IRC Rules

TL;DR: Behave politely and like it is due for a modern and liberal society. Only reading the TL;DR is no excuse, though.

These rules are unordered. All are of equal importance, except for the first, which we feel is often underestimated and cannot be said loud enough.

NOTE: The moment you join the IRC channel is the moment you abide to these terms.

Please note that some of the operators might not be around when you message them first. Most of us are in Europe-ish timezones, and some use programs to appear online and log always, even when away from the PC. They will see your notice eventually. If the matter is urgent, you should try another OP.


  1. Always use common sense. Don't be annoying, spam the IRC, continue using the same pointless overused meme or ask the same question twice, for example. We love to help, but if a question is already answered, it doesn't need to be reverse engineered.

  2. Do not troll the IRC. We joke and laugh every once and a while, but the moment it gets irritating and overused is the moment you should stop.

  3. Do not argue! This brings an uncomfortable and awkward atmosphere with other IRC members. Please keep it calm, and if you have a problem with someone else in the IRC, private message an OP about it, who will deal with it accordingly. We're all friends here, it doesn't have to be a boxing match.

  4. If anything hurts you personally, you can always (and preferably immediately) contact any of the operators in the channel. The operators are listed in the table below. Start a private conversation with an operator, then you can bring on your matter, and the appropriate course of action will be taken. Horrorcat keeps logs for 7 days, so even if you personally don't have logs of an incident, an approximate timestamp (preferably in UTC) will be sufficient for logs to be provided. MilesPrower never deletes his logs, so that's good too.

  5. Always assume the best. Try to not be insulted if someone appears to be misbehaving. Maybe they are just trying to make a joke? English is not the native language, and information gets lost in translation. This makes the percieved tone much more dependent on the choice of words, which, again, is hard to convey to and from non-native speakers. If you DO feel insulted, please tell them directly or privately if possible, and POLITELY! This is to avoid any future problems. :)

  6. Take into account that we have people from many different countries, all with different cultures and beliefs. This aims at not discriminating against other religions and beliefs, no matter what. Even if someone thinks their religion is believing in the success of Emacs (a text editor) or the Linux Kernel, you neither be insulted because you consider this nothing worth to be called a religion, nor should you attack people based on your own beliefs or your concept of religion.

  7. We do not tolerate racism, sexism or any other ways of discrimination (the freenode IRC network policies also have a word on that: <>). Note that *isms generally are subtle, and hard to notice if you are not a native speaker and/or not familiar with the specific *ism.

  8. We are a very specialized community, which surprisingly draws attention from a lot of different fields, such as computer science, electrical engineering, and more. This means that people have very different levels of knowledge. Don't make fun of people for not knowing something. Instead, explain it to them, or, if you cannot be bothered to do that, give them the keywords they need to find out about it, if they are eager to learn.

  9. Note that we don't forbid you to have an opinion different to ours on any of these matters. But if you have, we want to politely ask you to keep that opinion (and the associated behaviour) out of our channel, as it might offend people.



 Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warn depending on the severity. If you continue, you'll see the consequences. :D

Another useful resource is RFC 1855 <>, which is always a good foundation for a polite online conversation, and also covers some technical issues (such as pasting large text blobs).


Here is a list of all the #priyom OPs (including their timezones). Use this as your reference. Feel free to contact any of the OPs in this list.   


Operators Timezone
_Token_ PST/PDT
argonn CET/CEST
Avare MSK
danix111 CET/CEST
fauxhf UTC/BST
Gwraspe UTC/BST
Horrorcat CET/CEST
orinoko AEST/AEDT
parkeerwacht CET/CEST
PresentedIn4D EST/EDT
qsr711 CET/CEST
Web_weasel UTC/BST 

Happy chatting, everyone!

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