New Schedule and other goings on...

07 May 2011

Hey guys! its been a while since I have done a blog post so bare with me! I will be making a bit more of an effort to blog more now :P

Ok... so the big news this week... WE HAVE A SCHEDULE UP! it may not be perfect, but it will stand in until we get our DataBase finished. This schedule is all the work of one of the guys in the irc called Dominus.

Ok so other things that have been going on...

Well we have noticed G11 missing alot of its scheduled slots this week... is this the end of G11?! I sure hope not! As far as we are aware, G11 is run by Polish intelegence and broadcasts in German (hence the G in G11). Of course this is all speculation as not much of this kind of stuff can be really confirmed.

Another thing we have been doing this week is alot of tiding up of the website from behind the scenes. We have organised all of the current recordings so now it is much easier to find the recording we need etc. There has also been alot of standardisation going on to make everything a little easier to understand.

Of course webweasel has posted about the podcast number 6 being released a few days ago, but I thought its worth a re-mention. This podcast was quite a long one with us going much off topic in many cases, but we got there in the end!

An odd thing we have noticed looking over the ip's of people looking up the website. he have has quite a bit of interest from a few governments... mostly china and the USA. Just thought it was worth a mention :P

Ok guys ill end this blog here before i start to ramble too much. Hope you guys enjoy the site and look out for the up coming Database that will be VERY useful to all you Numberstation listeners out there!

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