What is UZB-76?

UZB-76 (name given in the internet for this network) is a military station on 4625 kHz that originates from Russia. It broadcasts a buzzer 24 hours a day except when it is interupted with a voice, reading in code or there is occasional stoppage.

I have read on the Internet this station is called UVB-76. What's actual callsign? UVB-76/UZB-76? MDZhB? Whats the difference?

Station's callsign is not given in any transmissions. Callsigns MDZhB and UZB-76 are circular (for group of recipients) callsigns. UZB-76 was a callsign for Moscow Military District and MDZhB is a callsign for Western Military District of Russian Federation.

The station(network) has decicated number in military system. Before 2010 it was called network #43 and served Moscow Military Distict. Nowaday the network number is not known (yet), but the source is determinated. Is is a 60th communication hub of Western military district, callsign Vulcan.

Listening to old recordings (1997 BROMAL message for example) Russian speakers of the group have confirmed that UVB is a mistake of western, non-Slavic speakers and it always been UZB.

How can I listen to Buzzer?

There are a few different ways you can do this. Easiest of which would be to download this file and open it in your favourite media player. This streams a live feed of the station from a radio in Poland. You can also sign up in and tune receivers from around the world. Or you can buy a shortwave receiver and tune it to 4625 kHz.

I have heard that Buzzer is a "dead hand switch" is this true?

No. a "dead hand switch" means that if it stops then all of Russia's nuclear weapons will be launched. Though this was once one of the major theories behind UZB-76. Buzzer is a operative commandment network, just one of those which is known most commonly.

What are those strange messages the Buzzer sends?

Buzzer messages are so called Monolyths. In russian military terminology there are few urgency category for messages (or signals according to that terminology).

Monolyth is one of the most commonly used urgent command category.

The purpose it to quickly bring some order to dedicated military units. The duty offcer should immediately bring the received monolyth message to the commander and the commander will descramble the order and behave according to the order. Monolyth receiption should also be confirmed to the staff.

There are also so called "zones" or zone covering messages. They have exactly the same structure, but no real meaning. The purpose is just to confuse the enemy. So nobody except the army can really know, was it monolyth or zone signal sent.

Will Buzzer brainwash me?

No. Well, it might.

I heard that the location of the station is in Povarovo. Is this true?

It was before 2010. In 2010 the massive military distict reorganization was done in Russian Federation, so 4625 network was expanded to serve the whole Western Military District instead of just Moscow region. Thus it was requiring another coverage and nowadays uses at least two transmission sites, one in Kerro, near St.Petersburg and another in Naro-Fominsk, near Moscow.

Some video and pictures from St.Petersburg site are available here

Look! I have pictures from inside the station!

No... no you don't...

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