Enigma ID n/a

Name F03 BPSK63 QPSK63 QPSK125
Frequencies 4-22 MHz
Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB; BFSK ACF=896 - 100Bd/200Hz, 200Bd/400Hz, 400Bd/960Hz; BPSK63 ACF=608; QPSK63 ACF=304; QPSK125 ACF=448
Location Poland
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

This is a collective of one-way broadcast modes believed to be members of the Polish 11 family. Their frequency pool is the same as Polish 11, signal strength observations suggest Central Europe as TX origin, all their schedules are repeated 5 minutes later, send twice a week, and use up to three different frequencies seasonally - characteristics all shown by the known Polish 11 digital mode F11. However, they never repeat messages later in the week, unlike other members of this family.

The PSK modes are modified versions of the respective ham modes, featuring different start tones, and completely different binary encodings, not handled by regular decoders designed for their ham versions. F03 is a BFSK system, utilizing several different baud/shift configurations, with minor protocol differences between each. All modes are modulated as audio tones in USB.

BPSK63 and QPSK63 have been heard since early 2014, while F03 and QPSK125 - since early 2017. All protocols are still at an early stage of study.

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