Enigma ID G20

Name Spruch
Status Inactive
Voice Male and female, live, with foreign accent
Emission mode A3E
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

The operating agency behind G20 is uncertain. Characteristic element of this station was usage of different pieces of music as the introductions.

Transmission format:

Preamble Message Outro
Piece of music, one of listed below Achtung, Achtung Spruchnummer 1 Gruppenzahl 38 Zeit 80800 Achtung, Spruch Geht 65049 65049 83762 83762 ... Ende, Ende
    "Message Number #" "Group Count 38" "Time 80800" "Attention, message comes"    
      Amount of 5-figure groups in the message Date and time when the message was compiled
8 = 8th of the month
0800 = Central European Time
  5-figure paired groups  
Played for a few minutes   Repeated twice Repeated twice Repeated twice      

Various pieces of music were used. Partial list of them is given below. They were not tied to specific "Spruchnummers."

  • Schubert Serenade
  • "Atlantis" by The Shadows
  • "La Raspa" by Mariachi Arriba Juarez
  • Bach's Toccata in D minor
  • Brahms Waltz opus 39
  • "We Get Ideas" by Louis Armstrong
  • "Tango Tarragona"
  • "Red Balloon" by The Dave Clark Five

[Based on Simon Mason's website and Numbers & Oddites #18]

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