Polish Land Forces

The Polish Land Forces are active on numerous channels, using both analog voice and digital modes. Most callsigns take form of a word followed by a 2-digit number. In 2G ALE, those callsigns are usually abbreviated down to 3 characters, typically using the first 2 letters of the word and the last digit of the number (e.g. from OSINIEC05 to OS5).

The voice networks exchange 5-letter and 5-digit group messages known as telegrams.

The digital networks exchange email messages. The modes used are 2G ALE (MIL-STD-188-141A) and MIL-STD-188-110, together with the STANAG 5066 protocol.

Polish Air Force

The voice activity of the Polish Air Force takes place at least on the following channels, all on the upper sideband:

  • 4745 kHz
  • 6745 kHz
  • 9034 kHz
  • 11178 kHz
  • 13245 kHz

The network control station uses the callsign "Arkada-25," while the aircraft identify as "PLF ###" (spoken as "Papa Lima Foxtrot" followed by the digits spelled individually in Polish).