Enigma ID n/a
Name Overload
Frequencies 4050kHz
Status Active
Voice Male and female, live
Emission mode LSB
Location Russia


Activity pages

First heard in 2022, this station serves the Western Military District of Russia and operates without a channel marker on 4050kHz LSB all year round. It relays messages sent on the Vyezha channel.

Voice broadcasts are usually preceeded by one or more counts. Monolyth messages transmitted on this channel have either one, two or sometimes three 4-digit number groups per codeword, which makes it different from other networks, which usually have two groups per codeword only. Apart from Monolyth transmissions, this station also does two-way reception checks in voice, with stations answering calls on 3822kHz LSB, 4099kHz LSB or 4113.5khz LSB. It is also the only station in this network, which transmits radiograms and messages of three letter groups starting with Z via the voice channel. Recipients of radiograms are then usually asked to confirm its reception via a "wire channel" - a phone line. Radiograms sent on this network are unique, as they contain 3-letter groups starting with Z, at the end (the groups are included in the group count in the header). The callsigns of this station and its recipients change every day and are different for nighttime and daytime. Since the start of the observations, they have never repeated.

Radiograms transmitted on this network are unique, as they contain two groups of three letters, each starting with the letter Z. They are included in the group count in the header of the message. Often the letters, out of which the radiograms are composed, are rarely seen in radiograms of other networks (for example: Ь, Й or Э).

On this station the Monolyth messages are read first in full without phonetical spelling, and then once again with spelling and with each digit read separately, as opposed to other stations which read them as whole numbers. The 5-digit group in Monolyth messages in voice is read in 3+2 digits pattern ("303+76"), instead of the usual 2+3 ("30+376").

The transmissions by this station are very often distorted, which is caused by the use of overloaded radio equipment. As a result of this, the broadcasts also have very high power.