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приём-priyom: ru. "reception - Conversion of transmitted radio waves or electric signals into perceptible forms, such as sound or light, by means of antennas and electronic equipment."

Number Station Schedule

Data used for these schedules are the works of Priyom and ENIGMA2000 respectively. All times shown are in UTC[z]. We acknowledge that all ENIGMA2000 materials are copyright & are reproduced here with express permission of ENIGMA2000. Use of ENIGMA2000 material from this site is subject to certain conditions which can be found by contacting the owners or from the website http://www.enigma2000.org.uk


Priyom IRC channel

Join the team in the IRC channel! If you have your own client, connect to the Freenode network and join the #priyom channel.

Wait-what is this?

Priyom is an international organization intending to research and bring to light the mysterious reality of intelligence and military communication via shortwave radio: numbers stations.


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Can I join the Priyom team?

We love new members! There are more stations then we are able to cover, and we always need more ears, covering the gaps. If you're interested, have a listen online, join in on our IRC channel, and get to know the team. Don't be afraid to ask questions - we're more than happy to explain. If you decide to get into shortwave as a hobby, and would like to contribute to Priyom, join in and send us recordings and transcriptions, and we will be welcoming you as a new member.