The NSA are watching you (Us)

14 August 2013

Greetings shortwave fans.

Every now and then we get a burst of new people into the IRC channel, usually due to us being linked on 4chan etc.

I was curious about a recent surge in traffic to the site and the IRC, so did a little googling.

I found this:

If you scroll to the cited sources at the end, there we are.

We had assumed that the NSA was already aware of us of course (as well as other security services) but we had also assumed there was a small file somewhere with "Mostly harmless" noted on it and they were not bothered about us.

Well it turns out that not only are they aware of us, they activly use our site in their research. I think the best way to take this is as the massive compliment that it is, they seem to find our work to be of value. It's rather nice to know that an organisation like the NSA would take us seriously. So thank you NSA.

Let's hope there's no plans to black bag and abduct any of us :-P

So thanks for visiting NSA guys, we have a couple of American members who would love a chance to work for you (heh, you already know that don't you?) and our European members would love similar opportunities in their relevant security services. Pass on the good word will you please?

Now I have to wonder why I have not had a knock on the door from MI5, we know you guys share information :-)

Pop in the IRC and say hi sometime.