X06 Uses Windows XP and GRU's Transmitter

15 October 2014

The following is a description of a very interesting transmission that took place on October 14th. At about 07:20 UTC we spotted a carrier on 10755 kHz, a frequency commonly used by the Russian military intelligence agency GRU for unscheduled E06 and S06 with ID 975. The carrier had a characteristic of one of GRU's transmitters - that is, the transmitter hum present on both side bands, the actual audio on the upper, and only traces of it on the lower. Expecting E06 or S06 to start any time ...

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The ID 274 of E17z

12 October 2014

We've recently been hearing from the ID 274 of Ukraine's E17z, which is now always unscheduled, and renowned for frequent breakdowns whenever there are messages longer than 10 groups. As we learned from the old ENIGMA newsletters, it has already been like that back in the 1990s, when E17z was using the old E17 voice with longer messages. This ID still makes appearances, usually once every a few years. Looking at the logs, even those from the previous years, this ID consistently uses a ...

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Preserving History: ENIGMA Newsletters

07 September 2014

Priyom has scanned and uploaded all the issues of the original "ENIGMA" newsletter, that was published in the years 1993 - 2000 by the European Numbers Information Gathering and Monitoring Association (ENIGMA). These are currently very rare, and we're making them available here to preserve history. ENIGMA was a number station research group, founded in 1993 by long-time enthusiasts Chris Midgley and Mike Gaufman. They published a hard copy newsletter, first 4 times a year, then twice-annual...

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Priyom Releases a Top Secret Document about Numbers

17 June 2014

"We make available everything we can. History is a property owned by all of us, not only the historians." -- Ivo Schwarz, former director of ÚZSI (2007-2014, at ÚZSI for 15 years) Thanks to some help from the Czech Security Services Archive, Office for Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI) and Petr OK1PM of we are releasing a unique Czechoslovak State Security document about a device that used to run the StB's and later ÚZSI's Number Stations in the 198...

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Special Guest X06 Podcast episode is out!

02 June 2014

Hello shortwave fans! This episode focuses on the broadcasts known as X06 as well as its variants - including the lesser known X07! JochenKopf joins us as our special guest and really schools us on this station, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we did! X06 SPECIAL WITH SPECIAL GUEST JOCHENKOPF Gwraspe

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Info about NS and the encryption methods used by the MfS

01 June 2014

Hello! Recently I got haunted by number stations again, so I started to look for various documents and other info on the web about NS. Specifically I wanted to find out more about Stasi Sprach speech generators, which generated the famous voices that are heard on number stations. I came across an article written by Detlev and Daniel from ENIGMA 2000 newsletters about NS, encryption methods, radios and more. There is a lot of interesting information so make sure you don't miss this one. Enj...

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Ghost in the machine? We broke google calendar

30 May 2014

Greetings shortwave fans. Seems we have broken google calendar, so be careful using the schedule, you may have to double check it. If you see stuff missing please drop into the IRC and let us know. Events are appearing and dissapearing at random it seems and the calendar can be a whole day out. At the time of writing this post it's the 30th of May but the site is showing the calendar for the 29th of May. Very odd and I cannot figure out why this is the case. The second issue is with even...

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Real buzzer site found!

18 May 2014

One of our members (Who wishes to remain anonymous!) has found and been to one of the current broadcast sites of the buzzer: 60°18'40.1"N 30°16'40.5"E The Buzzer source is fed to this shortwave site and other broadcasting locations using R-414S radio relay/phone lines directly from St. Petersburg's 60th Communication Hub (codename Vulkan, from a previous phone leak in February 2014, transcript) on Palace Square. Mutiple VGDSh antennas and other arrays then take care of distributing the ...

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Help Saving the Shukhov Radio Tower in Moscow

18 April 2014

We have all enjoyed the mysteries of radio communication, would it be through unknown signals, number stations or just surfing the shortwaves in hope to find something inspiring. Now it is time to help preserving the very piece of the history of radio. Please take time and sign the online petition to help saving this beautiful landmark in Moscow! The tower seems to be falling a victim of real estate development an...

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New Priyom Streams are Ready for Testing

14 April 2014

Hello, as you may already know, Argonn has been monitoring and recording the Buzzer and related Russian networks 24/7 using his own SDR and upconverter setup (diagram) for a while. His reception is amazing and we would like to share it with all of our readers..  So now we have a public streaming server set up and ready for testing! You can listen to: The Buzzer (S28, 4625 kHz) The Pip Day Freq (S30, 5448 kHz) The Pip Night Freq (S30, 3756 kHz) Squeaky Wheel Day F...

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