Enigma ID DP01

Status Inactive
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB, FSK + QPSK 2 x 62.5 bd
Location Russia
Activity pages

Download audio sample

Known counterpart stations E07, G07, S07, V07, M12, XP, XPA2, XPH

DP01 is a digital mode that is a part of the E07 family. It is a 2-channel QPSK modem, each channel at 62.5 bd. Each transmission begins with a 2-minute intro of alternating 1600 Hz and 2100 Hz tones.

First heard in April 2008, it has been making regular appearances, notably in April 2012 for six hours a day. DP01 has no known regular schedules, but has been heard on predictable frequency cycles, along with XPA2, during mid-October to mid-November 2014. This mode was also heard during training transmissions on 10250 kHz.

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