Enigma ID XPA

Spectrum image xpa spectr

Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB; MFSK-17, 10 Bd
Location Moscow, Russia
Activity pages

Download audio sample

Known counterpart stations E07, G07, S07, V07, M12, XP, XPA2, XPH

XPA is a digital flavor of the Russian 7 operator. It utilizes a custom 17-tone MFSK mode.


XPA operates in regular schedules of three transmissions, spaced 20 minutes apart. The frequencies of the subsequent repeats decrease for schedules at 00:00-12:00, and increase for schedules at 12:00-24:00, in most cases by about 1-2 MHz.

Message format

XPA messages consist of 5-digit groups. There is a 3-digit schedule ID associated with each message. The purpose of the first and third groups are unknown, but the second group is the group count minus three. The first digit of the first group is always zero.

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