Enigma ID XPB

Spectrum image XPB-spectrogram.png

Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB; 16-tone MFSK, ~65.79 Bd, 175 Hz
Location Moscow, Russia
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Known counterpart stations E07, V07, S07, G07, XPA, XPA2, XP, XPH, M12

XPB is a digital flavor of the Russian 7 operator. It utilizes a custom 16-tone MFSK mode.


All XPB schedules are weekly, and consist of six transmissions spaced ten minutes apart. Each successive transmission is 1-2 MHz lower or higher in frequency. The frequencies usually change monthly.


Prior to the appearance of its first regular schedule in November 2018, various iterations of XPB have been active sporadically from late 2014 until mid 2018. The earliest version from 2014 featured a repetitive 2-minute intro, modulated using ~1866.67 Bd MSK; this intro was done away with as early as January 2016.

Early version of XPB, ca. late 2014

Transmissions made during the developmental period showed support for four different symbol rates. However, only the ~65.79 Bd option is currently being used in production.

Various symbol rates used by XPB, ca. late 2017
~16.45 Bd

~32.89 Bd

~65.79 Bd

~131.58 Bd