Enigma ID E11

Spectrum image e11a_spectr

Name Oblique
Status Active
Voice Female, automated, with Polish accent
Emission mode USB
Location Poland

Polish (icon)

Activity pages

Download audio sample

Known counterpart stations G11, S11, S11a, M03, F03, F11, P03

Run by one of Polish intelligence agencies. Its active counterparts are S11a, F03, F11, and P03. Its defunct counterparts are G11, S11, and M03.

Non-traffic format:

287 Oblique 00 Out
3-figure ID / No groups  
Repeated for 3 minutes 15 seconds  

Traffic format:

Intro Message Outro
333 Oblique 36 37712 37712 ... 94435 94435 37712 30279 ... 67025 94435 Out
3-digit ID / Group count 5-digit paired groups,
pause every 10 pairs 
Single group repeat,
pause every 10 groups 
Repeated for 3 minutes 15 seconds      

The voice uses Polish phonetic pronunciation:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * / +
Cero Łan Tu Fri For Fajwer Siks Sewen Ejt Najnul Etenszyn Oblik Ałt


All E11 schedules are weekly, follow year-round UTC (no DST adjustments), and use one of three different frequencies depending on the month - one for November to February, one for May to August and one for the remaining months. For most of the time there is no traffic, and one random week of the month a message is sent that always consists of 30-38 groups. Those always have a repeat transmission in the same week.

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