Enigma ID E16

Name Two Letter
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated, with German accent, the last digit in the groups was inflected
Emission mode USB
Location West Germany
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations G16

Last heard in 1999.


Intro Preamble Message
Alpha Uniform Random electronic melody Message for 214 34 group Attention 214 34 group 722-22 722-22 ... End
Two-letter station ID spelled with NATO phonetic alphabet     3-figure recipient ID Amount of 5-figure groups in the message   3-figure recipient ID Amount of 5-figure groups in the message 5-figure paired groups, with a pause after the third digit  
Repeated 4 times     Repeated twice     Repeated twice      
Repeated for 5 minutes   Repeated with different data for different messages For each message

E16 operated under the following ID's. Note that the station ID "AU" was also shared with G16.

Station ID Agent ID's
AG  unknown
AK 722
AU 214
BL 139, 257, 448
BN  unknown
DA 034
DL 131
DM 214
DO 167
EH 437
FK 207
JO unknown
MD 017, 221, 241, 296, 331, 565, 850
RK 104, 702
VI 101

The first message sending was at the top of the hour, then repeated at the half hour.

E16 was reported with weaker signal than G16, indicating different transmission origin and/or reception area.


ID's from Numbers & Oddities #58

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