Enigma ID E25b
Frequencies 6140, 9450
Status Inactive
Voice Male live
Emission mode AM, USB, USB + carrier
Location Egypt


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E25b was a variant of E25 that sent messages in Arabic, while still sending the preamble in English. Only known ID's were 835 and 837. Ceased when E25 switched to pre-recorded female voice in 2007.

The message structure was slightly different as well:

Preamble Message Repeat Outro
835 Message 3001 1210 3674 1962
6953 9822 7045 3434
1210 7271
Rebeat 3001 1210 3674 1962
6953 9822 7045 3434
1210 7271
End of message End of transmission
3-figure ID   4-figure single groups   4-figure single groups    
Repeated for 1 - 3 minutes Repeated three times   Repeated three times      

Here, the second group and the last but one are the same. The first two digits of the first group, when inverted, give the serial number, and its last two digits give the amount of 4-figure groups in the message. In the English messages, the repeated group is the third and the last one, and the serial/group count one is the second.

The groups were first read as two pairs with inverted digits, due to ordering of numbers in Arabic language, then individually.

The ID's used by E25b are still active and now recieve traffic from regular E25.