Enigma ID G01b

Name Tyrolean Music Station
Status Inactive
Voice Male, pre-recorded
Emission mode AM
Location France
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Known counterpart stations

G01b was operated by defunct French intelligence agency External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service (SDECE), ceased in 1975. It was quite a unique station. Instead of broadcasting numbers or letters in groups, it transmitted scrambled sentences.

Example transmission format:

Preamble Messages Outro
Tyrolean music First bar from the "Internationale" from a music box Helmut gruesst Franz! Guten Tag! Die Groessen 26 bis 32 passen mir gut. Die Sonne scheint herrlich. Unsere Henne ist dabei, ein Ei zu legen. Alles Gute! Auf Wiederhoeren! Tyrolean music
    "Helmut greets Franz!" "Hello!" "The sizes 26 to 32 fit me well." "The sun is shining wonderfully." "Our hen is about to lay an egg." "All the best!" "Goodbye!"  
Played for 30 minutes   Repeated twice             Played for a few minutes

G01b transmitted every weekend at 11:30 UTC on 6425 and 6650 kHz.

[Based on Simon Mason's website]

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