Enigma ID G06

Spectrum image e06 spectr

Name German Lady
Status Active
Voice Female (same as G07 and G08)
Emission mode USB + carrier
Location Smolensk, Russia

Russian (icon)

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Known counterpart stations E06, E17, S06, V06, V23, M14, F01, F06

G06 is the German language flavor of the Russian 6 operator.

Null format:

248 248 248 00000
3-digit schedule ID  
Repeated for 4 minutes

Traffic format, single message:

Preamble Message Postamble Outro
248 913 90 80422 80422 ... 72372 72372 913 90 00000
3-digit schedule ID 3-digit group Group count 5-digit paired groups 3-digit group Group count  
Repeated for 4 minutes Repeated twice Repeated twice   Repeated twice Repeated twice