Enigma ID G06

Spectrum image e06 spectr

Name German Lady
Frequencies Various
Status Active
Voice Female, automated (the same as G07 and G08)
Emission mode USB + carrier
Location Russia

Russian (icon)

Activity pages

Download audio sample

Known counterpart stations E06, E17, S06, V06, V23, M14, F06, F01

Run by one of Russian intelligence agencies. Its active counterparts are E06, S06, M14, F06 and F01.

Non-traffic format:

248 248 248 00000
3-digit schedule ID  
Repeated for 4 minutes

Traffic format, single message:

Intro Preamble Message Postamble Outro
248 913 913 90 90 80422 80422 ... 72372 72372 913 913 90 90 00000
3-digit schedule ID 3-digit group,
purpose unknown
Group count 5-digit paired groups 3-digit group,
purpose unknown
Group count  
Repeated for 4 minutes            

Typical scheduling

Very few voice broadcasts from this agency are G06 - most are E06 and S06. No consistent scheduling format is followed (see schedule). Unscheduled G06 transmissions don't exist either. Traffic is sent very infrequently, mostly giving the non-traffic format.

Unlike E06 and S06, G06 operation is only semi-automatic, and usually starts up to 2 minutes early or late. The testing procedure takes place 45-60 minutes before the start of the transmission, and consists of repeated "111".

20-group messages

One schedule, on 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 18:30 and the following day at 19:30, is very specific in operation. The messages it gives are always 20 groups long, and are non-random in appearance. The messages are re-used for 1-2 years, and usually there two texts alternating every a few months.

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