Enigma ID G07

Name German Lady 000 000
Status Inactive
Voice Female (same as G06 and G08)
Emission mode AM
Location Moscow, Russia
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations E07, S07, V07, M12, XP

G07 is the former German language flavor of the Russian 7 operator. Inactive since January 2001.

Null format:

553 553 553 000 Ende
3-digit transmission ID    
Repeated for 5 minutes  

Traffic format:

Intro Preamble Message Outro
845 845 845 1 Achtung 728 26 75161 11770 55934 ... 25313 000 000 Ende
3-digit schedule ID Message count   3- or 4-digit group Group count 5-digit single groups    
Repeated for 5 minutes   Repeated twice      

G07 also had a minor variant designated G07a, where the messages were sent in paired groups. The only ID that used this format was 774.

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