Enigma ID G07

Name German Lady 000 000
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated (the same as G06 and G08)
Emission mode AM
Location Russia
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations E07, S07, V07, M12, XP

Last heard in October 2011.

Null format:

553 553 553 000 Ende
3-figure transmission ID    
Repeated for 5 minutes  

Traffic format:

Intro Preamble Message Outro
845 845 845 1 Achtung 728 26 75161 11770 55934 ... 25313 000 000 Ende
3-figure transmission ID Amount of messages in the transmission   3- or 4-figure group, purpose unknown Amount of 5-figure groups in the message 5-figure single groups    
Repeated for 5 minutes   Repeated twice      

If more than one message was to be sent, the intro provided the amount of messages, and, at the end of each message, instead of "000 000", the intro returned, repeated for one minute, then the standard message procedure followed. The last message ended with "000 000".

G07 was the only station ran by this agency to utilitize procedural words within the format.

G07 also had a minor variant designated G07a, where the messages were sent in paired groups. The only ID that used this format was 774.

Operation habits

G07 operated in regular schedules of three identical transmissions, spaced 20 minutes apart. The first transmission could have taken place at any 10-minute interval within an hour, but most commonly it was either the full hour or half hour. If the first transmission took place before 12:00 UTC, the frequencies of the subsequent repeats increased - otherwise they decreased. If the transmission was too long to fit into the 20-minute frame, it continued, then the subsequent repeat was tarted as soon as possible.

G07 ID's and frequency sets changed monthly, and from November to March the schedules were shifted one hour later to accommodate to the daylight saving time in European Union. The transmission ID and the frequencies used were correlated - putting together the hundredths digits from the frequencies, from first transmission to last, gave the ID.


It is unknown when G07 was first noted, but it was probably in the 1970s. Its operation habits have not changed since then.

Despite cessation of G07 regular schedules in January 2001, G07 was heard on 31 October 2011, sending an 100+ group message in pure USB mode and without announcement words present in the transmission format. It has not been logged since.

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