Enigma ID G20a

Name Spruch
Status Inactive
Voice Male and female, pre-recorded
Emission mode AM
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

The operating agency behind G20a is uncertain. G20a was a variant of G20 where a single group message without a header was transmitted.

Transmission format:

Preamble Message Outro
Piece of music, one of listed below Achtung, Achtung 65049 65049 Ende, Ende
    Single 5-figure paired group  
Played for a few minutes Repeated twice

Various pieces of music were used. Partial list of them is given below.

  • Schubert Serenade
  • "Atlantis" by The Shadows
  • "La Raspa" by Mariachi Arriba Juarez
  • Bach's Toccata in D minor
  • Brahms Waltz opus 39
  • "We Get Ideas" by Louis Armstrong
  • "Tango Tarragona"
  • "Red Balloon" by The Dave Clark Five

[Based on Simon Mason's website and Numbers & Oddites #18]

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