Enigma ID V06a

Name Spanish Lady 00000
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated
Emission mode AM
Location Russia
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations G06a, S06e, M14a, M24a

V06a refers to V06 transmissions with more than one message. At the end of each message, instead of the 3-figure group of unknown purpose and the amount of 5-figure groups in the message, the transmission ID is repeated for one minute, then the standard message procedure continues. The final message ends with "00000".

V06a was heard only once - on Monday, August 16th, 1999 at 07:00 UTC on 16342kHz: ID 362, 84-group message #534 and 85-group message #535.[1]


  1. ENIGMA Newsletter #18 (January 2000), p. 29 - read a scanned version here
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