Enigma ID V10

Name Schlosst
Frequencies 4069.2, 4074
Status Inactive
Voice Male, live
Emission mode USB
Location Possibly Spain
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

The language was Spanish. Last heard in August 1988.


Intro Message     Repeat Outro  
An 701 KLJJA KHIWE JBXTV... Stop, Stop An 701 KLJJA KHIWE JBXTV... Stop, Schlosst 4-note tune
Traffic identifier 5-letter single groups   Traffic identifier 5-letter single groups    
Repeated thrice     Repeated once      

 The station used a different phonetic alphabet. Each word except Kilo is a Christian name from Central Europe countries.Note that there are two variations of the letter P and no letter Z after all: Anna, Berta, Carlo, Danielle, Emelle, Figaro, Gustav, Hipolit, Ida, Jacob, Kilo, Leopold, Marta, Nicola, Olga, Philip, Pietro, Quasi, Rosa, Softi, Tiodo, Ulrike, Victor, Willi, Xavier, Yvonne.

The transmissions took place on full hour or half hour. The only known transmission frequencies were 4069.2 and 4074, both in USB.

Five-digit Spanish traffic has been associated with this station, which was presented in a two-group iddler format (V10a).


Information extracted from Langley Pierce's book Intercepting Numbers Stations.

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