Enigma ID V15

Name North Korean numbers (via PBS Pyongyang Pansong)
Frequencies PBS Pyongyang Pansong frequencies on MW, SW, and FM
Status Active
Voice Female, live
Emission mode AM
Location North Korea

North Korean (icon)

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The language is Korean. It was unheard from 2001 to  June 2016.

Old format (Until 2001):[1]

Single message format:

Intro Preamble     Message     Preamble     Repeat Outro
Red Flag song or March of the Guerrilla tune A message for the no. 2833 will be sent Count 21 Text 374-79 729-84... I'll repeat the message A message for no. 2833 will be sent Count 21 Text 37479 72984... That's all
Played once Repeated thrice Group count, repeated twice    5-figure single groups, with an extended pause between the 3rd and 4th digit     Repeated twice Group count, repeated twice   5- figure single groups, no pauses   

The multi-message broadcast would have included the IDs and start time of each ID after the song intro, for example, "During this broadcast, first a message for No. 2883 will be sent, and then a message for the No. 692 will start from 12:08, and a message for the No. 2185 will follow at 12:14."

The station had three different broadcasts; two of them using PBS Pyongyang Pansong broadcasts, and a third one using separate frequencies:

  • The first transmission set took place almost daily on PBS Pyongyang Pansong frequencies 621, 657, 684, 702, 720, 855, 3250 and 6400 at 15:00 UTC (Midnight in Korea and Japan) playing the Red Flag song. 
  • The second transmission set started with March of the Guerrilla. It sent on PBS Pyongyang Pansong frequencies 729, 801, 1080, 3320 and 6250 at 15:00 UTC. These transmissions were sent depending on the date and ID, with a repeat the following day.
  • The third transmission set was sent on dedicated frequencies, but using the same interval signal as regular PBS Pyongyang Pansong broadcasts. It used 4770 and 5870. Then it plays the song Cantata to Marshal Kim Il Sung. This set transmitted irregularly on different times of the day, along with various music pieces.

This format ceased in 2001.


New format

V15 was reactivated on June 24th, 2016, using PBS Pyongyang Pansong as a carrier again. The transmission format and schedule changed too.

According to South Korean monitors, the format is the following:

Intro Preamble   Message   Repeat Outro
Piece of music, one of the listed below We will notice the repetition homework of the basic Information Technology of Distance Learning Education University for No.27 exploration agent We will give questions Page 756 Number 82, Page 511 Number 95... We will repeat the questions again Page 756 number 82, page 511 number 95... That's all.
   Transmission ID    Message, pages are numbers between 1-999 (both inclusive), numbers are between 1-100 (both inclusive)   Repeat of the message   

The piece of music played varies with each agent:

  • Agent 27: "We will go togheter with a song of joy (instrumental version)"
  • Agent 21: "Spring of my Hometown"

The scheduling habits changed as well. Transmissions to each agent are now scheduled at a given time once a week in the local nighttime, but don't take place every week, only roughly every other week. It's uncertain whether transmission weeks follow a deterministic pattern, or just take place as needed.

On December 21st, 2016, PBS Pyongyang Pansong started broadcasting on FM, and V15 did as well. This made V15 possibly the only known numbers station broadcasting on FM. The frequencies are usually jammed by South Korea. At the time there were four PBS Pyongyang Pansong FM frequencies: 92.5, 92.8, 93.6 and 103.7 Mhz, all four carrying V15.

On May 5th, 2018, in a context of warming relationships between North and South Korea, North Korea switched timezones and abandoned Pyongyang Time (UTC+08:30) to return to Korea Standard Time (UTC+9)[2]. As a result, V15 schedules shifted 30 minutes earlier, remaining at the same local time in North Korea.


  2. Time in North Korea - Wikipedia [accessed May 5th, 2018]
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