Enigma ID V20

Name Bored Man/Lazy Man
Frequencies Various
Status Inactive
Voice Male, live
Emission mode AM
Location Cuba
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

The language was Spanish. V20 was possibly related to the Cuban spy network La Red Avispa, which was formed by a total of 27 agents. Ceased in August 1998, right after the FBI busted the spies that formed the network. Some of these agents would also be involved in the case of the Cuban Five later that year.


Atención R290 R290 R290 1 2 3... 10
Repeated thrice 1-letter + 3-figure group, purpose unknown Count from 1 to 10
Repeated for 30 minutes

The station might have been used as a control variant, rather than sending actual messages. The nickname comes from its operator, who sounded bored during the reciting of the whole 30-minute transmission.

V20 made two transmissions per week, on an unknown schedule.


Information extracted from Numbers & Oddities #44.

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