Enigma ID V24

Frequencies 4900, 4925, 5115, 5150, 5290, 5715, 5900, 6215, 6310
Status Active
Voice Female, automated
Emission mode AM
Location South Korea
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Known counterpart stations M94

The language is Korean. Active at least since the 70s, with a cease in transmissions during 2015 due to transmission site remodelation.

Format: [1]

Intro Preamble Message   Repeat Outro
Piece of music, varies with the schedule "For number 3845" "Please receive message length 38" 348-95 436-98... "I will send the message again" 34-895 43-698... "That is all, thank you"
  Recipient ID, either 3 or 4 digits Group count 4 or 5-digit single groups, spoken as 2/2 or 3/2 digits format   4 or 5-digit single groups, spoken as 1/3 or 2/3 digits format  
  Repeated twice Repeated once        

The intro song varies with each schedule, and a wide variety of songs are used. Nowadays mostly K-pop tracks are used.


Transmissions usually start on a half hour or full hour. They take place on fixed days of the month, and most schedules usually repeat on some of the next days (up to 5 days later) at the same time and frequency. Some schedules are more irregular and don't have fixed patterns.

If a transmission is made on the same frequency as a regular broadcast station, the frequency may be changed to a new one, or the whole schedule drops and a new one pops up on a different time and frequency, always in the 4-7Mhz range.


The audio source for the transmissions seems to be a computer running Windows XP. Due to that, sometimes Windows XP sounds are leaked on air, mostly shutdown sounds after the last transmission of the day. Apart from that, the station operation is very professional, with transmissions always starting on time and very few mistakes observed.

The transmission site has been potentially identified as Gongneaung, Seoul, South Korea, a transmitter site also used for Echo of Hope and for jamming other frequencies.

The station sometimes runs unscheduled transmissions out of usual transmission times. The most notorious test transmission took place between November 25 and 26, 2015, shortly before the station reactivation. This transmission lasted more than 36 hours, was broadcast simultaneously on two frequencies (4900 kHz and 6215 kHz) and it consisted of the Korean song Girls Generation - Into the new world  played in a loop. You can find a partial recording of the transmission here.


V24 was first logged in the 1970s. Since then, the station went through many different music genres for its intro songs, changing several times from martial music, North Korean folk, classical, Western, and to K-pop which is currently the genre predominantly used.

V24 also changed its voice several times. The current voice was first introduced in April 2, 2012. Here is a recording of a V24 transmission using the previous voice, from 2011-09-06 16:30 UTC:


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