Enigma ID V28

Name Aeng Mu-Sae (Parrot)
Frequencies Various (mainly 3277)
Status Active
Voice Male and female, live
Emission mode AM
Location North Korea
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations M40, V15

It is ran by North Korea. The language is Korean. First heard in November 2015.

An interesting fact of this station is the way the groups are arranged in the transmission. It uses a 2fig-3fig-2fig-2fig format, being the first and the last two digits index count and group count respectively.

The nickname of the station comes from its callsign. The transmission starts with "Parrot calling <3-digit group>", being "parrot" the station codename and the 3-digit group the recipient of the message. Initially, only Parrot was used, but nowadays there are several codenames.

The only schedule known is everyday at 12:30 UTC on 3277 (-/+5khz) and two more frequencies that change very often, which are presumably random. Each frequency has a different operator and sends a different message.

Mistakes are common in transmissions. Most common mistakes feature errors in reading, background voices and transmitter mistuning. Sometimes operators from other frequencies can be heard on background.

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