Enigma ID S03

Name Okno
Status Inactive
Voice Female, live
Emission mode
Location Czech Republic
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

Note: The S03 listing in ENIGMA 2000's Control list is different than Conet Project's "Okno" message we describe here. We have no information about the format described there.

This station may be related to the Czech S10 operation.


Okno message

The reception test message says: " Okno, Okno, Okno. Zde Jasan. Zde Jasan. Konec".

This translates to: "Window, Window, Window. This is Ash tree, this is Ash tree. End".


There are two possible explanations for this S03 activity:

1) Military installation 5847, Horoměřice, SIGINT/IMINT facility run by Czech Military Intelligence, suspected current callsign "OKNO" (

2) An airforce installation near Hradec Králové that used the callsign "JASAN" in 1986.

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