Enigma ID S05b

Name OLX
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated
Emission mode AM
Location Czechia
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations M06

S05b was operated by Czech Office of Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI) under an ITU-registered callsign "OLX" (though officially assigned to ČTK, the press agency) and allocated frequencies. The language was Czech. It differs from the previous format S05a with different tuning signal and no null messages whatsoever. Last heard in 1996, replaced by S10d.

Traffic format:

Preamble Message Repeat Outro
VVV DE OLX OLX 424 73 57966 85288 30427 ... Opakuji 73 57966 85288 30427 ... Konec
In Morse code at 15 words per minute 3-figure ID Amount of 5-figure groups in the message 5-figure single groups "[I] Repeat" Amount of 5-figure groups in the message 5-figure single groups "End"
Repeated for 5 minutes Repeated for 5 minutes

S05b was transmitted almost 23 hours a day in 30-minute intervals.

The Czech Interior Ministry issued QSL cards to anyone interested under the following address:

Ministerstvo vnitra ČR
P. B. 21/SK
170 34 Praha 7
Czech Republic

An example OLX QSL card can be found here: front, back.

The Czech Interior Ministry officially confirmed that ÚZSI was the agency behind S05b. The voice machine behind S05b was called "BRIGITA", and information about it can be found here.

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