Enigma ID S07

Name Russian Man 000 000
Status Inactive
Voice Male
Emission mode AM
Location Moscow, Russia
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

S07 was the former Russian language flavor of the Russian 7 operator. Inactive since March 2001.

Null format:

553 553 553 000
3-digit schedule ID  
Repeated for 5 minutes

Traffic format:

Intro Preamble Message Outro
845 845 845 1 728 26 75161 11770 55934 ... 25313 000 000
3-digit schedule ID Message count 3- or 4-digit group Group count 5-figure single groups  
Repeated for 5 minutes Repeated twice    

S07 made a reappearance in a test transmission in March 2017, using the USB + carrier mode, and a different voice from the one previously used.

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