Enigma ID S11

Name Kreska
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated
Emission mode USB
Location Poland
Activity pages

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Known counterpart stations E11, G11, S11a, M03

The language was Polish. Replaced by S11a in 1994.

Null format:

121 Kreska 00 Koniec
3-figure ID / No groups  
Repeated for 5 minutes  

Traffic format:

Preamble Message Repeat Outro
954 Kreska 31 Uwaga 76645 76645 49640 49640 ... 67423 67423 Uwaga 76645 49640 ... 67423 Koniec
3-figure ID / Amount of 5-figure groups in the message   5-figure paired groups, with extended pause every 10   5-figure single groups, with extended pause every 10  
Repeated for 5 minutes          

The following are the numerals used by S11. Different grammatical forms were used for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   /  
Zero Jedynka Dwójka Trójka Cztery Piątka Sześć Siedem Osiem Dziewiątka Uwaga Kreska Koniec

S11 was first noted around 1978, replacing an earlier Polish station S26. Like its sister stations, G11 and E11, it gained prominence for little to no actual traffic, despite operation of a large amount of schedules. In 1994 S11 was replaced with a Russian language version of itself, designated S11a (up until January 1999 designated "S12").

S11 made a short living return to activity on the turn of August and September 2002. On August 25th, a null message was transmitted, but the next transmission on September 1st carried a 15-group message.

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