Enigma ID S17c

Name Czech Lady "Control"
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated
Emission mode USB
Location Czechia
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations

S17c was run by the Czech Military Intelligence (Czech: Vojenské zpravodajství). Last heard on 19 June 2007.

Transmission format:

Intro Preamble Message Outro
555 313 05 313 42 05 Pozor, Pozor 52027 Pozor, Pozor 42 05 Konec, Konec
3-figure arbitrary ID             Single 5-figure group, middle digit always "0"        
Repeated thrice Repeated thrice   Repeated thrice Repeated twice Repeated twice   Repeated 10 times   Repeated twice Repeated twice  

The general format was the same as S10d, but the recipient ID, the 2-figure number in the preamble and the amount of groups were constant.

S17c was sent out daily at 12:50 UTC, and each transmission lasted about 7 minutes. Up until 1 February 2007, it was transmitted on two frequencies simultaneously, and on only one frequency afterwards. Until 2 February 2007, the arbitrary ID was only 555 - then until the station's demise, random triplets were used, but never 555.

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