UVB-76 Podcast Episode 2

Second episode
November 20, 2010

Second episode

November 20, 2010
Hello listeners again.

13 days after publishing first episode we're publishing for you second episode. You all really suprised us with nearly 4000 of hits to website and nearly 400 downloads.

We will talk now about activity in last couple of months and will relate to other number stations again. Recently there was interesting event - conversation on November 11. We will also talk about it.

Sound you can hear on very end is SSTV (slow scan television) transmission. You can decode it using free MMSSTV program.

We recommend you to read a UVB-76 study page, maintained by danix111, which has all technical info about UVB-76 and has transcripts of all messages.

In this podcast participated:

  • 4D
  • danix111
  • Webweasel

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E-mail your questions

November 10, 2010

Hello fans again.

Podcast is going now for over 3 days. Now you can send your questions to our e-mail, and we'll select and publish answers in the episode.

Our e-mail is: podcast{you know what}priyom{you also know what}org

Regards, UVB-76 podcast team.

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