UVB-76 Podcast Episode 3

Third episode
December 21, 2010

Third episode

December 21, 2010
Hello Shortwave fans! After a long wait episode 3 is here. We apologies for the lateness of this episode, but that's the way life is sometimes.

In this episode: Coverage of all the activity on UVB-76 over the last few weeks. PresentedIn4d has been researching recent Russian military reorganisation that may explain the change of the callsign, we have some early recordings of UVB from the Conet project, why we both love and hate wikipedia, talking to Wired magazine and danix111 gives us a lesson in pronunciation of the Russian phonetic alphabet.

Listen to the broadcast included, if you crack the code send the details to us in the email address provided in the code and we will send you a QSL card! Please let us know what you think of the show, any improvements we can make or items you would like us to mention or discuss. Got something really interesting? Let us know and come on the show! Thanks for listening everyone. Danix111, Presentedin4d and Webweasel

In this podcast participated:

  • 4D
  • danix111
  • Webweasel

Used recording from Conet Project: Count in Russian.

Download (Ogg Vorbis, 50.3 MB)

Download (MP3, 54.9 MB)

Break the code included in podcast, and send us results and your address to our e-mail to get QSL card like here:

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