Welcome! is an international group of radio enthusiasts who came together during 2010 when activity from the station known as "UVB-76" increased. The mystery of this station inspired us to seek out other similarly mysterious stations, and thus into the bizarre world of shortwave radio's infamous number stations. Greatly inspired by the work of other online groups, Priyom has been developed to easily bring both the current and historical information about number stations into one comprehensive site, and to make the recording, listening and analysis of shortwave radio, number stations, and all related on-air enigmas accessible to all who are interested.

Mission statement and ideology

Information wants to be free, and the progression of humanity is determined by this free exchange of ideas and information. Our mission is to provide information to the public, freely, without being tainted by politics, ideology, or other barriers. We aim to present the ongoing, clandestine world to you, without distorting the facts due to anyone's own personal beliefs. The members of the Priyom team and community all have differing and conflicting political views, and our aim is to keep politics off the site. We have no direct leadership and work as a democratic group, with decisions being made by the whole group rather than any leadership structure.

Contact and join

The community mostly revolves around the IRC channel #priyom on Freenode.

Our goals:

  • To gather historical information on number stations and where possible present that in one comprehensive site
  • To respect the other groups researching number stations and to encourage collaboration and co-operation between the groups
  • To gather as much information about Number stations as possible
  • To present all the information in a clear and concise way
  • To make all information obtainable about number station transmissions available to the public
  • To present evidence of Number stations by recording and transcribing Number station activity
  • To make public listening of Number stations more accessible by publishing schedules
  • To understand the relationships between stations
  • To do all of the above publically and in the open
  • To drag the radio listening community online and into the 21st century (kicking and screaming if needed)
  • To encourage standards in the recording and logging of stations allowing better analysis and collaboration
  • To build a community of listeners around the globe to cover all frequencies at all times


Government spies are everywhere,
in your home and in your hair,
lurking in their secret lair.
Counting Dollars;

They know everyone you know,
they see everything you show,
and everywhere you go they slowly follers.

Government spies will come to you,
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cept to sit there til they're through with their spying;

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Government spies are everywhere,
in your home and in your hair,
lurking in their secret lair,
counting money;

they know everyone you know,
they see everything you show,
they go everywhere you go,
and it ain't funny.

-Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers- 1973