Number stations reach FM

07 January 2017

You probably have heard about North Korea reactivating its number station broadcasts not very long ago. Well, we're glad to anounce that V15 now transmits on FM!

On December 21st, 2016, North Korea decided to change some frequencies from their main broadcast stations. This includes Echo of Hope and Radio Pyongyang, among others. In the case of Radio Pyongyang, they dropped three MW frequencies (684, 729 and 1080 khz), and they started to broadcast on FM! And not only on one frequency, but four!

The four frequencies used currently are 92.5, 92.8, 93.6 and 103.7 Mhz. Please note that South Korea doesn't agree with this, and all four frequencies may start to get jammed by South Korea anytime now, just like in MW.


Article by qsr711, special thanks to Moomin999 for the information!