Preserving History: ENIGMA Newsletters

07 September 2014

Priyom has scanned and uploaded all the issues of the original "ENIGMA" newsletter, that was published in the years 1993 - 2000 by the European Numbers Information Gathering and Monitoring Association (ENIGMA). These are currently very rare, and we're making them available here to preserve history.

ENIGMA was a number station research group, founded in 1993 by long-time enthusiasts Chris Midgley and Mike Gaufman. They published a hard copy newsletter, first 4 times a year, then twice-annually. Each of those contained station logs, studies, schedules, and also information on general intelligence matters. The group disbanded in 2000, as Chris left due to spending too much of his free time on the newsletters, and Mike was unable to continue running the group on his own. Following the disbandment, the Yahoo!-based ENIGMA 2000 was founded in September 2000.

We'd like to thank Simon Mason for posting the copies to us.