Radio Pyongyang resumes its Numbers broadcasts

30 October 2016

This June North Korea has resumed its Number Station broadcasts on Radio Pyongyang. The station V15 has been defunct since 2001, but it has been reactivated!

There has been a change in operation habits, scheduling and format.

At the start time, they play a piece of music that varies by the agent number. Then they send the message for the agent number. The messages are now read as this:  "Page <1-999>, Number <1-100>".

The station still uses the same frequencies as regular Radio Pyongyang. No transmissions on dedicated frequencies have been observed so far.

The station can be heard strongly in East Asia and Australia. Depending on the conditions, Radio Pyongyang can also be heard well in Europe.

The reactivation has caused some media attention in South Korea, which can be seen in this video (in Korean):

The current schedule can be found here: V15 Schedule

Here is a recording of one of the broadcasts: