Enigma ID F01

Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode BFSK, 200 Bd, 500 Hz, 5N1.5 (ITA2-compatible)
Location Moscow, Russia; Orenburg, Russia; Chita, Russia; Havana, Cuba
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Known counterpart stations E06, E17, G06, S06, V06, V23, M14, F06

F01 is a digital flavor of the Russian 6 operator. It utilizes a custom BFSK mode, compatible with ITA2 RTTY.

F01 has been in operation since 2000. It has slowly been replaced by the newer F06 system since its introduction in 2006. While F01 no longer forms a significant chunk of Russian 6 regular schedules, F01 links are a major part of the sporadic network.

Message format

Null messages consist solely of the group "00000" with no other metadata.

Traffic consists of 5-digit groups, followed by a group made of the message's serial number (first 2 digits) and the group count (last 3 digits; excluding this group), followed by "00000." On some schedules, a standardized 5-group header is also included.


F01 operates in schedules of three identical transmissions, spaced 10 minutes apart. The frequencies of the subsequent repeats decrease, or less often increase, by about 2 MHz on average. In case traffic is sent, the three transmissions are also repeated the next day.

The Cuban network deviates from the above standard rules by featuring, for most of the time, only two identical transmissions and no next day repeats.

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