Enigma ID ...

Name F01
Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode FSK, 200 bd, 500 Hz, ITA2 w/ 1.5 stop bits (ACF=15)
Location Russia
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Known counterpart stations E06, E17, G06, S06, V06, V23, M14, F06

F01 is a Russian intelligence digital broadcast system, using a 200bd/500Hz/1.5sb ITA2 BFSK teleprinter. Its active counterparts are E06, G06, S06, M14 and F06.


F01 operates in regular schedules of three identical transmissions, spaced 10 minutes apart. The frequencies of the subsequent repeats decrease, usually by about 2 MHz.

Message format

The messages are 5-figure groups. The last group of the message contains the message's serial number in the first two digits, and the group count in the last three digits.

Sometimes messages come with 5-group headers, with each group representing the following, respectively:

  1. Message type - usually 11100.
  2. Link ID - denotes to whom the message is addressed, and is fixed per schedule.
  3. Unknown - random-looking group that is tied to a message.
    • Date (first two digits) - denotes when the message was written, as day of the month only.
    • Serial number (last three digits) - it is specific to each schedule, and increases +1 with each message.
    • Group count (first four digits) - number of 5-figure groups in the message.
    • Unknown (last digit) - either 1 or 9.
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