Enigma ID P03

Spectrum image P03a spectro

Name P03a, P03b
Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB; Various BPSK and QPSK waveforms
Location Warsaw, Poland
Activity pages

Known counterpart stations E11, G11, S11, S11a, M03, F11, F03

F03/P03 is a Polish 11 modem that succeeded F11 in mid 2010s. It contains a number of different serial PSK and FSK waveforms, all of which use variations of the same protocol.

The P03 designator refers to the BPSK and QPSK modes. The following flavors have been spotted on the air so far, all of which are centered at +1000 Hz within the sideband:

P03a: BPSK, 62.5 Bd, 304-bit blocks

P03b: QPSK, 62.5 Bd, 304-bit blocks

BPSK, 125 Bd, 448-bit blocks

QPSK, 125 Bd, 448-bit blocks

QPSK, 200 Bd, 496-bit blocks

However, only P03a and P03b have stable schedules that use those modes year round. The remaining modes' schedules tend to shuffle to different F03/P03 modes along with seasonal frequency changes.


All P03 schedules are twice weekly, follow year-round UTC (no DST adjustments), and use one of three different frequencies depending on the month - one from November to February, another from May to August, and yet another one for the remaining months. There are always two identical broadcasts 5 minutes apart.

Each weekday typically carries a different message, which appears at the beginning of the month and is repeated throughout it; sometimes, both weekdays carry the same message, and sometimes a new message arrives in the middle of the month. Every week, the message is rescrambled, retaining only the headers and the length.

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