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Enigma ID E06

Spectrum image e06 spectr

Name English Man
Frequencies Various
Status Active
Voice Male, automated, with Russian accent
Emission mode USB + carrier
Location Russia
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Known counterpart stations E17, G06, S06, V06, M14, M24

E06 is operated by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). For the current times and frequencies, refer to our Number Station Schedule.

Null format:

376 376 376 00000
3-figure transmission ID
Repeated for 4 minutes

Traffic format:

Preamble Message Outro
460 597 123 33038 33038 71495 71495 71036 71036 ... 08047 08047 597 123 00000
3-figure transmission ID 3-figure one-time pad number(?) Amount of 5-figure groups in the message 5-figure paired groups 3-figure one-time pad number(?) Amount of 5-figure groups in the message  
Repeated for 4 minutes Repeated twice Repeated twice   Repeated twice Repeated twice  

If more than one message is to be transmitted, then instead of "00000", the transmission ID is spoken again for one minute, then the standard message procedure continues.

The transmission ID usually changes either monthly, seasonally, or yearly, though some schedules with the ID staying the same throughout the schedule lifetime have been noted. Note that the one-time pad number(?) in valid messages never repeats digits already used in the transmission ID, and often the entire string that consists of the transmission ID, the one-time pad number(?) and the amount of groups contains no repeated digits, like above.

Currently (July 2014) E06 has few long-time regular schedules, and most of the transmissions are heard in short-living, one off ones. E06's frequencies are changed either monthly or seasonally, and normally re-used year by year. Frequencies currently (July 2014) being in use indicate operation in both Europe and in Southern Hemisphere.

E06 also operates schedules that are believed to serve training purposes. This is due to manual operation of them, resulting in early/late starts, and the messages always being 20 groups long, non-random and repeated across many months. In the past they were always keyed manually using a keypad, resulting in inconsistent tempo of spoken numbers. It still happens sometimes, but since April 2014, the numbers on some of these transmissions are sent automatically just like on regular E06 transmissions, but still manually executed.

The audio for E06 is fed from a computer running Windows 7, which replaced previously used Windows XP in early 2014. Occasionally the sounds of the said operating system can be heard on air.

On 11 June 2014, E06 was heard operating in pure USB mode, rather than its usual USB + carrier. However, it has not been heard in this mode ever since.

Notes from the Conet Project booklet

voice 2: 821 (R5) * 704 704 42 42 = (42 pairs) 60083 53821 53933 .....23301 62657 31341 30833 14423 94069
88315 7630530346 63164 22476 13677 41846 36111 .... 10496 * 704 704 42 42 00000
voice 1: 341 (R5) * 269 269 37 37 = (37 pairs) 19881..... ending as E6 voice 2
voice 3: pairs .....95978 03685 20719 16727.... format as E6 voice 1
null message format (voice 2): 897 897 897 00000 (R5)

English Man
Russian Intelligence. R 12/03/92

Tcp d2 17 english man irdial by The Conet Project

English Man
Russian Intelligence. Different voice. R 12/08/93

Tcp d2 23 english man irdial by The Conet Project

English Man Version 1
See Enigma signal list.

Tcp d3 05 english man version 1 irdial by The Conet Project

English Man Version 3
Note the 'zeeero'.

Tcp d3 06 english man version 3 irdial by The Conet Project

English Man
Null Message.

Tcp d3 07 english man irdial by The Conet Project