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Enigma ID E06

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Name: English Man
Frequencies: Various
Status Active
Enigma ID status Active
Voice Male
Emission mode H3E (USB + carrier)
Location Russia
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Audio Sample: Download sample

Enigma 2000 Control list description

AM (English Man) Usually H+0, H+30
Stays on UTC
Times/freqs vary seasonally, up to date charts given in Newsletters
High pitched start tone.
Null message format:-
" nnn x3  00000 " for 4 mins.
Message format:-
3f call for 4 mins
preamble - 3f DK x 2, 2/3f GC x 2.
Mssg 5F gps,
Ends - DK x2, GC x2, 00000 (fast/slow zeros)
Note that the first 8 figs of TX has NO repeat figs.
(returned to the original voice early 2001, with distinctive pronuncation of 3 & 8)
(additional voice from Sep 03, with no perceived distinctive pronuncations ) 

Known counterpart stations G06, S06, V06, M14, M24
Family Family 1a

E06 is operated by the Russian intelligence agency SVR.

15 minutes prior to the broadcast, it sends a test tone and speaks the ID of the upcoming transmission once. The transmissions start with a 3-figure ID repeated for 4 minutes, followed by a 3-figure group presumed to be a decode key and the group count, both repeated twice. Then the actual message follows in form of repeated 5-figure groups. Transmissions end with the 3-figure group and the group count repeated twice, and "00000", spoken either fast or slowly.

However, rarely another message may follow. Instead of "00000", the recipient ID is sent again, repeated for one minute, then the standard message sending procedure continues.

Null messages are also observed. They consist of the recipient ID repeated three times, then "00000", spoken either quickly or slowly. After repeating this sequence for 4 minutes, the transmission ends.

It is worth noting that in actual E06 messages, a string that consists of the recipient ID, decode key and group count does not contain repeated digits, even if that would render the group count incorrect. For example, on 2 November 2012, a transmission was observed with the ID, decode key and group count being "507 369 124" respectively, despite the message only containing 123 groups.

E06 and its sister stations also operate schedules that are believed to serve training purposes. This is due to repeated figures in the first 8 digits of the transmission (see above), generally non-random appearance of message groups, and consistent group count - 20 (replaced 15 in November 2013 after many years). In the past, they were believed to be manually operated, indicated by highly incosistent tempo of spoken numbers. The voice was sometimes distorted as a result of audio clipping. Those transmissions generally ended with slowly spoken 0's. Since April 2014, those transmissions appear to be automated, and end with quickly spoken 0's.

The audio for E06 and its sister stations is fed from a computer running Windows 7, which replaced previously used Windows XP in early 2014. Occasionally sounds of the said operating system can be heard on air.

Notes from the Conet Project booklet

voice 2: 821 (R5) * 704 704 42 42 = (42 pairs) 60083 53821 53933 .....23301 62657 31341 30833 14423 94069
88315 7630530346 63164 22476 13677 41846 36111 .... 10496 * 704 704 42 42 00000
voice 1: 341 (R5) * 269 269 37 37 = (37 pairs) 19881..... ending as E6 voice 2
voice 3: pairs .....95978 03685 20719 16727.... format as E6 voice 1
null message format (voice 2): 897 897 897 00000 (R5)

English Man
Russian Intelligence. R 12/03/92

Tcp d2 17 english man irdial by The Conet Project

English Man
Russian Intelligence. Different voice. R 12/08/93

Tcp d2 23 english man irdial by The Conet Project

English Man Version 1
See Enigma signal list.

Tcp d3 05 english man version 1 irdial by The Conet Project

English Man Version 3
Note the 'zeeero'.

Tcp d3 06 english man version 3 irdial by The Conet Project

English Man
Null Message.

Tcp d3 07 english man irdial by The Conet Project