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Enigma ID E06

Spectrum image e06 spectr

Name English Man
Frequencies Various
Status Active
Voice Male, automated, with Russian accent
Emission mode USB + carrier
Location Russia
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Known counterpart stations E17, G06, S06, V06, M14, M24

E06 is operated by the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU). For the current times and frequencies, refer to our Number Station Schedule.

Null format: (rarely heard as of August 2014)

376 376 376 00000
3-figure transmission ID  
Repeated for 4 minutes

Traffic format:

Preamble Message Outro
460 597 123 33038 33038 71495 71495 71036 71036 ... 08047 08047 597 123 00000
3-figure transmission ID 3-figure group, purpose unknown Amount of 5-figure groups in the message 5-figure paired groups 3-figure group, purpose unknown Amount of 5-figure groups in the message  
Repeated for 4 minutes Repeated twice Repeated twice   Repeated twice Repeated twice  

If more than one message is to be transmitted, then instead of "00000", the transmission ID is spoken again for one minute, then the standard message procedure follows for the next message.

E06 has two rare variants: E06a, referring to 2-group messages commencing with "11111", and E06b, referring to additional 5-figure group in the preamble.

Operation habits

Even though E06 operates regular schedules, the amount of them is low. As of August 2014, only four regular non-training transmissions are being noted. Vast majority of the transmissions are unscheduled, and are usually related to current political events involving Russia. Sometimes the transmissions appear to operate on a daily schedule, but cease within a few days. Most recent such surge in activity was observed in February and March 2014, during the events in the Crimea.

The transmissions are handled in two ways: either automatically, or manually. On the former, a test is made approximately 15 minutes before the start of the actual transmission, and consists of a long 1 kHz tone, and the E06 voice speaking the upcoming ID once. The transmissions themselves start exactly on time. On the latter, manual test count in the format "01234 01234 01234..." is made roughly an hour before. The manual transmissions frequently start late, and the voice is sometimes distorted.

The transmissions, even unscheduled ones, are usually repeated an hour later on an either lower or higher frequency, and usually the next day at the same times and frequencies as well. Oddities to this are sometimes observed; for example, from May 2014 onwards, a schedule heard only on second and fourth Wednesday is being observed with the primary transmission at 11:30 UTC, and the repeat at 16:00 UTC, 5.5 hours later, with no additional repeat the next day.

The entire transmission process is handled using a computer running Windows 7, as evidenced by leaked sound effects. Prior to April 2014, Windows XP was used instead. The upgrade is probably related to end of support of this operating system by Microsoft.

On regular schedules, the frequencies and the transmission ID are changed either monthly or seasonally, and usually re-used on a yearly basis. The frequencies being used on both regular and irregular schedules indicate worldwide operation.

The E06 messages don't exhibit any non-randomness, so it's likely one-time pad being used as the encryption method. Interestingly, putting the transmission ID, the unknown-purpose 3-figure group and the message length together in a string frequently gives one where not a single digit is repeated.

Null messages on E06 are rare. These, however, can be heard four times in a month on a schedule that operates on second Wednesday at 19:20 and 20:20 UTC, and the following Sunday at 11:20 and 12:20 UTC. This schedule was first noted in August 2010, but has never sent a full message as of August 2014.

Training schedules

Two schedules, on first and third Thursday at 20:30 UTC, and the Fridays following the first and third Thursday at 21:30 UTC, are handled entirely differently to the normal transmissions. The messages are non-random, the message length is fixed at 20 groups, and the messages are repeated for many months. While the transmissions use the same software as the regular transmissions for producing the numbers, the transmissions are started up manually, frequently late. All of these behaviors together suggest a training nature of these broadcasts.

Up until November 2013, the training messages were 15 groups long. This change was also made on the training schedules of E06's sister stations.

Up until April 2014, even the numbers being spoken were produced manually, presumably by an operator at a keyboard, as indicated by highly inconsistent tempo. The zeroes ending the transmissions were always noticeably spaced.


It is unknown when E06 was first noted, but it was going strong by the 1970s. Its operation habits, besides equipment upgrades, have not changed since then.

E06 has been occasionally noted with extremely long messages, for example a 517-group message on 24 November 2000, and a 325-group message on 29 November 2005.

Many different voices have been used throughout E06's existence, sometimes only lasting a few days. The current one is in use since February 2001, but dates back to at least 1992, and was previously used by E07.

While initially reported using the full AM mode with two sidebands (A3E), E06 changed to the current USB + carrier mode (H3E) some time in late 1990s. On 11 June 2014 and 18/19 September 2014, E06 was noted sending in pure USB mode without carrier (J3E).

Notes from the Conet Project booklet

voice 2: 821 (R5) * 704 704 42 42 = (42 pairs) 60083 53821 53933 .....23301 62657 31341 30833 14423 94069
88315 7630530346 63164 22476 13677 41846 36111 .... 10496 * 704 704 42 42 00000
voice 1: 341 (R5) * 269 269 37 37 = (37 pairs) 19881..... ending as E6 voice 2
voice 3: pairs .....95978 03685 20719 16727.... format as E6 voice 1
null message format (voice 2): 897 897 897 00000 (R5)

English Man
Russian Intelligence. R 12/03/92

Tcp d2 17 english man irdial by The Conet Project

English Man
Russian Intelligence. Different voice. R 12/08/93

Tcp d2 23 english man irdial by The Conet Project

English Man Version 1
See Enigma signal list.

Tcp d3 05 english man version 1 irdial by The Conet Project

English Man Version 3
Note the 'zeeero'.

Tcp d3 06 english man version 3 irdial by The Conet Project