Sporadic Network

This network consists of a group of tens of E06/S06/F01/F06 schedules that follow a very particular schedule pattern. It is formed by the following fixed IDs:

Note: IDs in itallic are still under investigation and may not belong to this network. F01 broadcasts don't contain any ID at all; these schedules are identified by their first time slot instead.

These IDs follow the standard Russian 6 rules in every regard, including the next day repeats. However, they transmit only a few times a year on fixed months, with most IDs transmitting in March and September around the same day. The broadcast days themselves aren't fixed in most cases. The transmissions, when they happen, always carry traffic, suggesting that null message transmissions are simply skipped.

It's not unusual that some voice IDs carry the minor variants E06a and S06b. It is uncertain whether F06a transmissions (those not on known Russian 6 test frequencies) also belong to this network. F06a tends to be active around the same time as the sporadic F06 link IDs. However, F06a uses the message type 11100, while the F06 IDs use the standard 11166, which might indicate different purposes. The F06a messages also tend to use very low serial numbers, often between #1 and #3, while F06 schedules maintain continuity with previous messages.

Voice IDs that transmit at the same time often get mixed due to poor relay lines or audio feeds. Some of them are even mixed with other IDs that don't belong to this network, like in this recording, in which the Sun/Tue S06 ID 480 is mixing with E06 ID 729, and viceversa. Apart from that, the voice tempo and transmitter noise varies in some schedules, as well as the emission mode, which can be USB, USB+carrier, and more rarely DSB.

This network has been active since at least 2012, starting with E06 ID 759, which formerly transmitted weekly. Due to irregular monitoring, it is uncertain which IDs have showed up when. E06 ID 346 and S06 IDs 387 and 726 have been logged since 2014; E06 ID 158 since 2015; S06 IDs 409 and 583 since 2016; E06 ID 216 since 2017; and the still unconfirmed E06 IDs 192, 337 and 729, and S06 ID 348 since 2018.

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