Enigma ID E07a

Spectrum image e07a spectr

Name English Man
Status Active
Voice Same as E07
Emission mode USB
Location Russia
Activity pages

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Known counterpart stations

A minor variant of E07, which adds a 5-digit group to the intro of traffic-carrying broadcasts. It affects only the traffic format, while the null format remains the same.

Traffic format, single message:

Intro Preamble Message Outro
318 318 318 1 39097 1714 91 89427 81050 ... 42031 60952 000 000
3-digit schedule ID Message count 5-digit group 3- or 4-digit group Group count 5-digit single groups  
Repeated for 2 minutes Repeated twice    

The multi-message format of this variant is unknown, if any exists.


This format owns dedicated schedules, and follows the scheduling habits of E07. However, the repeat transmissions always take place the following day after the first broadcast, in the morning hours, using different frequencies and schedule ID's.

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