Enigma ID E25a

Spectrum image E25

Name Rebeat
Frequencies 6140, 9450
Status Active
Voice Female automated and Live Male, with Arabic accent, the last digit in the groups is inflected
Emission mode AM, USB, USB + carrier
Location Egypt


Activity pages

Download audio sample

Known counterpart stations E25

This is a variant of E25 that is believed to serve control purposes.


255 6 End of transmission
3-figure ID

number from 0 to 99,

purpose unkown


Repeated for 1 to 3 minutes

Sometimes strings of this format can be heard alongside usual callups in regular E25. If this is the case the first 3-figure ID is the reciptient of the full message, the other 3-figure ID is the reciptient of the E25a string.

Note that the station may still call "Message",  directly followed by "Rebeat" and "End of message"

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