Air Force


  • All voice frequencies mentioned on this page are on the upper sideband.
  • The aircraft callsigns are made of 5 digits.
  • The primary/secondary designations reflect the usage by aircraft; the ground stations usually transmit on all frequencies simultaneously.

Military Transport Aviation


  • 6685
  • 8847 (Secondary)
  • 11360
  • 18030

Ground station callsigns

  • Davlenie: 708th Regiment, Taganrog
  • Kasta: 224th Detachment, Tver
  • Klarnetist: 196th Regiment, Tver
  • Korsar: Military Transport Aviation HQ, Moscow
  • Magnetron: 566th Regiment, Seshcha
  • Lad'ya: Heard in radio checks, location unconfirmed
  • Polis: 117th Regiment, Orenburg
  • Polotno: Heard in radio checks, location unconfirmed
  • Proselok: 334th Regiment, Pskov

This network carries plain voice traffic between transport aircraft and the Military Transport Aviation units.

Long-Range Aviation

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Voice Frequencies 5827
Callsigns "Balans" (Moscow)
"Katolik" (Saratov)
"Dvojchatka" (Moscow-2)
"Limit" (Saratov-2)
"Nabor" (Moscow)
"Shpora" (Saratov)
"Balans" (Moscow-2)
"Tezis" (Saratov-2)
"Ochistka" (Moscow)
"Medyanka" (Saratov)
"Duga" (Saratov-2)

"Stupen" (Moscow)
"Tablica" (Saratov)
"Kedr" (Saratov-2)

"Balans" (Moscow)
"Katolik" (Saratov)
"Dvojchatka" (Moscow-2)
"Limit" (Saratov-2)

Morse Frequencies 8112 (Ground)
8990 (Air)
11318 (Ground)
5620 (Ground)
8029 (Ground)
8170 (Air)
6642 (Air)
8895 (Ground)
9128 (Air)
5835 (Ground)
8162 (Ground)
9027 (Air)
8112 (Ground)
8990 (Air)
11318 (Ground)
Callsigns "IWV4"

This network is associated with the Tu-95 strategic bombers and the Il-78 tankers supporting them. It is also known as the Bear net, after the NATO reporting name for the Tu-95, Bear.

The frequencies and the callsigns used depend on the season. The activity takes place mainly on the 8 MHz channels. During activity on this network, a single letter ("W" for Europe, or "G" for the Pacific) is repeatedly transmitted on one of the Morse ground frequencies around H+00, H+20, and H+40 for 2 minutes each.

Training operations are conducted away from the main frequencies. Voice communications take place within the 5.6 MHz range, with a single ground station present using a distinct callsign. Otherwise, the procedures used are exactly the same. The voiced callsigns for the ground stations when conducting training are named above as Moscow-2 and Saratov-2.


REA4 is a Morse code station of the Long-Range Aviation that broadcasts airfield weather reports and "Monolith" messages.