General information

While the HF radio networks of each Russian military branch are nominally separate, they follow common sets of rules described on the following pages.

Russian Ground Forces

The HF radio presence of the Russian Ground Forces consists of many interconnected subnetworks, and it's not possible to cover them all adequately. The callsigns are made of either a word and 2 digits (in voice only), or a 4-character combination of letters and sometimes digits. A callsign may refer to either a single unit, or a group of units.

It should be noted that whilst we at Priyom do our utmost to monitor and log HF transmissions, not every page will be 100% up to date at any given time. A lack of transmission logs does not necessarily equate to no activity from a particular frequency or station.

Western Military District

Southern Military District

Monolith morse networks

The morse-only Monolith networks of the Russian Military are hard to research and not much information has been gathered on them. As a result, they are listed separately.

Russian Air Force

Russian Navy

The Russian Navy's high frequency radio network bases on a small number of ground stations located in important navy bases and their contacts with vessels. The callsigns in voice are composed of one word, while the morse traffic callsigns consist of a group of three letters, starting with R, and sometimes one or two digits after the letters. For Monolith transmissions, some networks use callsigns of 4 characters (digits and letters).