Morse code

All branches of the Russian Armed Forces still use Morse code on a broad scale. The Russian Morse code is largely readable when transcribed using international Morse, apart from a few symbols non-existent in the Latin alphabet.

Cyrillic Symbol International Morse
A [A] █░███ A
Б [B] ███░█░█░█ B
В [V] █░███░███ W
Г [G] ███░███░█ G
Д [D] ███░█░█ D
Е [Ye] or [E] E
Ж [Zh] █░█░█░███ V
З [Z] ███░███░█░█ Z
И [I] █░█ I
Й [Y] or [I] █░███░███░███ J
К [K] ███░█░███ K
Л [L] █░███░█░█ L
М [M] ███░███ M
H [N] ███░█ N
О [O] ███░███░███ O
П [P] █░███░███░█ P
P [R] █░███░█ R
С [S] █░█░█ S
Т [T] ███ T
У [U] █░█░███ U
Ф [F] █░█░███░█ F
Х [Kh] █░█░█░█ H
Ц [Ts] ███░█░███░█ C
Ч [Ch] ███░███░███░█ Ö
Ш [Sh] ███░███░███░███ Ĥ
Щ [Shch] ███░███░█░███ Q
Ы [Y] ███░█░███░███ Y
Ь, Ъ ['] ███░█░█░███ X
Э [E] █░█░███░█░█ É
Ю [Yu] █░█░███░███ Ü
Я [Ya] █░███░█░███ Ä