Egypt maintains an extensive HF diplomatic network. It utilizes two main digital modes, both broadcast in USB:

Frequency change requests are occasionally transmitted using SITOR-B, also centered at +1700 Hz. Links are usually simplex on one frequency.

Broadcast structure

Ideally, the broadcasts consist of:

  1. Calling the embassy in SITOR-A, with initial chatter
  2. Calling the embassy using Codan Chirp
  3. Transferring messages using the Codan 16-tone QPSK waveform
  4. End of transmission chatter in SITOR-A

However, quite frequently, SITOR-A is also used to transfer messages. The operator chatter is in Arabic, and is encoded using the ATU80 alphabet.

Initial chatter is usually traditional Arabic greetings. When a message is about to be sent, it is indicated by the phrase "ﺍﺱﺕﻉﺩ" (get ready).

Message structure

Regardless of the mode used to transfer the messages, they follow the same format. There are two different kinds of messages:

  • Offline encrypted 5-digit hex group traffic; uppercase A..F, 1 space between groups, 10 groups per line
  • Arabic or English cleartext

Messages are preceded by clear English language headers of the following format, one item per line:

  1. "From : " followed by the name of the location the source station is located in, or a numeric ID in case of Cairo
  2. "To : " followed by the name of the location the destination station is located in, or a numeric ID in case of Cairo
  3. "Time & Date : " followed by the timestamp of the message, in the following format: 11:57, Saturday, November 25, 2017
  4. In case of encrypted traffic, "Number Of Groups: " followed by the group count
  5. Message priority, practically always "URGENT"
  6. A separator in form of "===================="

End of message is signified by NNNN.


Contacts always take place with Cairo directly. The stations use different ID's for the SITOR-A and Codan Chirp calling modes.

See this UDXF document for a list of stations.

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