The Pip

Enigma ID S30

Spectrum image Pip _sample

Name The Pip, Капля, 8C1Щ
Frequencies 3756 (nighttime), 5448 (daytime)
Status Active
Voice Male/female live
Emission mode A3E (AM) - channel marker, H3E (USB+carrier) - messages
Location Rostov-on-Don, Russia; 47°17'58"N 39°40'25"E (Communication Hub #72, callsign: Акация)
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Known counterpart stations S28, S32, Plovets41

"The Pip" is a Russian military commandment network serving the Southern Military District, located at the Communication Hub #72 in Rostov-on-Don. It broadcasts on 5448kHz in daytime, or on 3756kHz in nighttime. It broadcasts several kinds of messages:

  • Routine propagation checks, always addressed to ten recipients at a time. Example: Для 4РВЗ, 3ВСЬ, ДКЙ1, ЖД9В, 42БВ, 81БР, М7КС, ПМВ5, ЛЬГЙ, КЗИЬ: Как слышно, как слышно? Приём
  • "Monolith" type messages", followed by Moscow time

The network is probably organized using the 257Ц2 equipment (комплекс технических средств дистанционного управления связью и обеспечения передачи сигналов централизованного боевого управления "Монолит-АС" - system for communications remote control and for transmitting central commandment control signals "Monolith-AC")

A picture of one of The Pip operator places at the Communication Hub #72: ("Акация")


Circuit diagram of a former Pip channel marker generator device:

Pip diagram

The Pip Stream

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