The Squeaky Wheel

Enigma ID S32

Spectrum image Wheel _sample

Name Squeaky Wheel, Скрипящее колесо
Frequencies 3828 (nighttime); 5473 (daytime);
Status Active
Voice Male/Female Live
Emission mode J3E (USB)
Location Rostov-na-Donu, 72th communication hub, 4th Air defence and air force army network(not confirmed), South Military District,Russia


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Known counterpart stations S28,S30, Plovets41

This is another station from Russian military series. It sends Dlya messages similar to Pip (however, it uses a word + number as callsign format) and Monolyth signals

Since it was first noticed in 2000 until 2005 it had a designator XSW.

Until 2008 its channel marker was its titular squeaky wheel. Then it was replaced by plain two tones.

The network is more probably organized using equipment 257Ц2 (комплекс технических средств дистанционного управления связью и обеспечения передачи сигналов централизованного боевого управления  "Монолит-АС" - Monolith-AC system for communications remote control and for transmitting central commandment control signals)

S32 on parasitic frequency (3791 kHz)

Station is broadcasting on two different frequencies. Depending on the season, broadcast times are different:

Season 5473 and 7009 kHz (Day) 3828 kHz (Night)
Spring TBA TBA
Summer 04:30-18:30 18:30-04:30
Autumn 03:30-14:30 14:30-03:30
Winter 05:30-14:05 14:05-05:30

Squeaky Wheel Online Stream

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