p r i y o m . o r g



Priyom ID Spectrum image
Enigma ID S30

Pip _sample

Name: The Pip
Frequencies: 5448 (daytime); 3756 (nighttime);
Status Active
Enigma ID status Assigned
Voice Male/female live
Emission mode A3E (AM) - channel marker, H3E (USB+carrier) - messages
Location Rostov-na-Donu, Russia, 47°17'58"N 39°40'25"E
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Audio Sample: Download sample

Enigma 2000 Control list description
Known counterpart stations S28, S32, Plovets41

Click here for an inside-out guide including message schedules, the Pip Dossier

The Pip is a Russian military station located in Rostov-na-Donu. For the most of time it sends its channel marker - continuous pip-pip-pip..., approximately 50 times a minute. It was thought to be time station located in Krasnodar in mid-90's. Occasionally voice messages are sent in various formats.


Pip is broadcasting on two different frequencies. Depending on the season, broadcast times are different:

Season 5448 kHz (Day) 3756 kHz (Night)
Spring TBA TBA
Summer TBA TBA
Autumn 3:30-14:30 14:30-3:30
Winter 4:30-13:00 13:00-4:30

The PIP online stream

The PIP diagram by RW6HRM

PIP diagram

Notes from the Conet Project booklet


The Pip
Very active on 3757khz and 5450khz.

Tcp d4 31 the pip irdial by The Conet Project